WAL Festival

The WAL Annual Festival, held in August, by bringing together members from villages all around Ladakh, aims to raise cultural self-respect and through this ensure the survival of these traditional skills.  Exhibits include traditional Ladakhi staple foods including roasted wheat & barley and different flours, Tsertsalulu or Seabuck berry Juice, apricot nuts and labo (Ladakhi fresh Cheese).  Stands also demonstrate the preparation of a variety of local dishes such as churning butter, tapu & tenten, Paba and tangtur, and mok mok, all of which visitors are encouraged to try.  In addition, the festival had stands with handicrafts for sale including pottery, weaving and traditional clothes and accessories such as tibi (hats).

Throughout the two-day festival a highlight is the Ama-les showing various dances to the accompaniment of traditional music.

Date for 2017 Festival tba (but will be early to mid-August)