Ladakh Project


If you are in Ladakh from mid-August to early September, and would like help a Ladakhi family with their harvests, please come to WAL for the flim showings, where you will meet LF staff.


For travellers to Ladakh who would like a deeper understanding of the place, its culture and traditional agriculture and crafts, Local Futures in conjunction with WAL holds a series of workshops at the Women’s Alliance.  A short set of Global to Local workshops (normally two or three days) are held in August each summer, which focus on the problems posed by the globalisation of the world economy, and the solutions that might be provided by localisation. These are promulgated by leaflet and posters around Leh, and anyone may join in situ for a small fee.



Fora more in depth analysis of the situation with respect to Ladakh, Local Futures puts on a five day “Learning from Ladakh” set of talks. lectures, debates, with predominantly Ladakhi speakers, at the Women’s Alliance.  Speeches are given by influential Ladakhis, together with film showings, group discussions, etc. interactive exercises, etc..  For those who sign up in advance LF also offers the opportunity to live and work on a Ladakhi village smallholding in order to experience first hand what life is like for a Ladakhi farmer, and how that life is changing.   If you’d like to join this project, you will need to book in advance, with a fee paid to Local Futures.  For more details please see:

Ladakh Project